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Resolving Transponder Key Problems

When you have a key that enables you to start the engine of your car or open up your car door, you have what is known as a transponder key. A lot of the new model vehicles come equipped with a transponder key. You are afforded the type of key that offers you all the modern conveniences that one could hope for. With a transponder key, you are also able to do other things, such as unlock your trunk or set an alarm in your vehicle. All of this can be done without placing a key in the keyhole. This is especially nice for those days when it is pouring down raining and you have bags in your hands. All that is needed is for you to aim your key in the direction of your vehicle in order for the features to work. Your transponder key has a chip inside of it that is programmed to a centralized computer. When you are attempting to open your car door or start the engine, the signal from your chip must be recognized before it will allow you to do any of these things. You are probably having an Ah ha! moment when you realize that you have been using a transponder key all of this time. As great as these types of keys are, they are prone to problems from time to time. When you experience a problem with your transponder key, you can always rely on the services of our locksmiths at Optimal Locksmith & Key in Highlands Ranch, CO. There is no doubt about the benefits of using a transponder key, however, you should also know that they are more expensive than the typical key that you can have made at your local hardware store. There are many advantages and disadvantages that come from having and using a transponder key.

When you do not have a spare transponder key, you could be left stranded for longer than you would like. This is why it is a good reason to make sure you always have a spare key so that you do not have to wait around for a locksmith to come to make a new key. You can often get a car dealership to provide you with an additional key fob, if you know what to ask for. If you’re in the market for a new car, this is the best time to consider asking for an extra transponder key. When you have a spare transponder key, you will be able to save money, time and frustration. If you ever happen to lose your key, you won’t have a problem getting back into your car. You could wait around all day for someone to come bring you another key or reprogram your existing key. Many people find that it is usually just as easy to have someone bring them a spare key rather than waiting around all day to get what they need. We don’t want you to think that this type of key is as inexpensive as a typical key because it isn’t. It is far more expensive, at around $100 per key. However, when you consider everything that this type of key is capable of doing for you, you will see clearly why it is worth the added expense. This is why we encourage you to try to negotiate the spare key when you are buying a new car.

If you lose your key or if it has been stolen, you might end up with a stolen vehicle. While it has been proven that a car that requires a transponder key isn’t as easy to break into without the key, just consider if the key falls into the wrong hands. When this does occur a car thief can be off and going in no time. The only thing that a car thief would need is your keys; therefore, you must be careful about where you leave them or place them so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

Losing Your Transponder Key

It is reasonable to conclude that a lot has gone into the design of a transponder key. This type of key is a high-end device that is a modern convenience because of the mechanisms used to design it. If you should happen to lose your key, you should know exactly what to do. Lose of a traditional key is no big deal, however, when you lose your transponder key, it’s an entirely different story. The right type of equipment is needed to program a transponder key. Again, a transponder key can be picked up at your dealership. They have everything they need to make and program your transponder key. While they undoubtedly cost more, they can offer this to you. However, you can also get a transponder key from a locksmith. A locksmith won’t charge you as much money, as we do not carry the same amount of overhead as a car dealership, you won’t have to worry about paying more than is necessary for the key. This is why using the services of a locksmith is a wiser choice. A locksmith cannot only provide you with a new transponder key but they can also program your new transponder key for you. Rely on our locksmiths and they and they can program your key in no time. If after reading this you still decide to rely on a car dealership, let them know that your key was stolen. Sometimes they are happy to provide you with a new key at a discounted rate. They will need to deactivate your current key so that it will immobilize your car and no one can drive off in it.

Reasons Your Key No Longer Works

There are several reasons why your key may no longer work. You may have a defective key or a key that is no longer communicating with the computer system. Our locksmith can reprogram your key or get you another one, if you have a manufacturer warranty.